What is the correct spelling of prooving?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of prooving and the meaning of the correct word in English.

Many people in the world today write the word prooving meaning different words. In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of all these words.


incorrect spelling

Prooving is an incorrect spelling in English, the correct spelling is proving.

The incorrect spelling (prooving) has double “o” while the correct spelling (proving) has single “o”.

You should take note of the correct spelling and avoid the using the spelling prooving because it is totally wrong in English.


Proving is a correct spelling while prooving is incorrect in English.

The correct spelling (proving) has single o and the incorrect spelling has double o.

That is a common mistake to people using English.

Meaning of proving

Noun: proving; plural noun: provings



1 a : to establish the existence, truth, or validity (as by evidence or logic)

// prove a theorem

// the charges were not proved in court

 B : to demonstrate as having a particular quality or worth

// Samuel proved himself the best of all students.

// the COVID 19 vaccines have been proven effective after several years of testing.

Other  correct words that are close to prooving include.


Noun: proofing

1.The process of making a proof of a printed work, engraving etc.

“Proofing was done on a low-cost printer.”

The process of proofreading a text.

“I did the proofing and editing”



To treat a surface with a substance that will protect it against something especially water

// My safety shoes are water proof.

evidence that is used to justify an argument or statement.

// You will be asked to give proof of your identity at the boarder.

Difference between prove and proof

The word prove means to validate the presence of something/ statements/ arguments by evidence while proof means evidence that is used to justify an argument or to protect something from being damaged.

Prove can be used as a verb while proof can be used as a noun, verb and adjective.

Examples of Prove and proof in sentences


The mathematicians prove many theorems.

The tests proved the vaccine to be 99% effective.

The man proved himself innocent with help of CCTV camera.


The document was a proof that his story was true.

The lawyer presented the documents as proof in court.

Jimmy claims that he was at work when the thief stole the money from home, but he has no proof.

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