What is the correct spelling of occassional?

In this page you are going to learn the correct spelling of occassional  and its meaning.

Many people when writing English sentences write the word occassional which is incorrect.


incorrect spelling

Occassional is an incorrect spelling while occasional is the correct spelling

The incorrect spelling (occasisonal) has double “s” well as the correct spelling has sinle “s”.

Therefore, you should take note of this when writing the word occasional


This is the correct spelling well as occassional is incorrect

As stated above the correct word (occasional) has single “s” well as the incorrect spelling has double “s”

Meaning of occasional.


  1. Happening, appearing, or done infrequently, rarely and irregularly.

An occasional vacation.

Occasional visitors.

I get occasional pain in the back.

We found occasional errors.

  1. acting in a specified capacity from time to time

An occasional teacher

  1. of or relating to a particular occasion

The budget was able to meet occasional demands as well as regular ones.

Examples of occasional in sentences

We shall have occasional meals when at work.

I receive occasional messages from my girlfriend.

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