What is the correct spelling of nessacary?

In this post you are going to learn the correct spelling of nessacary, meaning and explanation of the correct spelling.

A lot of people use the word nessacary which is not correct in English, so here it is corrected and its meaning given.


incorrect spelling

Nessacary is an incorrect spelling in English, the correct spelling is necessary.

Many people in different places write the word nessacary which is incorrect.

From today onwards avoid using nessacary use necessary which is the correct spelling.


Necessary is the correct spelling while nessacary is incorrect.

When you look at the spelling of the two words, they are typically different.

Meaning and explanation of necessary.


  1. absolutely needed or required.

Being essential or requisite. 

// food is necessary for life

//An engine is a necessary part of a car

  1. happening or existing by necessity:

A necessary change in the design.

Endemic is the correct spelling while indemic is incorrect.

The incorrect word strarts with letter ‘I’  and the correct word starts with letter ‘e’.

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