What is the correct spelling of eathing and meaning?

On this page who are going to learn the correct spelling of eathing and the meaning of the correct spelling.

Many people in the world write the incorrect spelling eathing , so in this article we are agoing to correct it.

eating or eathing? what is correct?
man eathing or eating? what is really the correct spelling?


incorrect spelling

Eathing is an incorrect spelling  in English while the correct spelling is eating.

People usually confuse the spelling of eating to be eathing. Take note of this and avoid any further mistakes.

The correct spelling (eating) does not have letter ‘h’ well as the incorrect spelling (eathing) has letter ‘h’


The correct spelling in English is eating while eathing is incorrect.

the incorrect spelling (eathing) has letter ‘h’ while the correct spelling (eating) doesn’t have letter ‘h’

Take note of this common confusion to avoid further misspelling.

Meaning of eating.

  1. To take in through the mouth as food: chew, ingest and swallow in turn.

Picture of eating 

Examples in sentences

Are you eating sugar?

Did you eat lunch?

We normally eat bread in the morning.

Julius likes to eat at home.

Other common misspelling close to eathing




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