What is the correct spelling of cusion?

In this article you are going to learn how to spell cusion correctly.

Many people today write the word cusion which is incorrect in English language.


incorrect spelling

Cusion is an incorrect spelling while the correct spelling is cushion.

The correct spelling (cushion) has letter “h” and the incorrect (cusion) spelling has no letter “h”.

Take note of this to avoid further mistakes when writing this word.


Cushion is the correct spelling and cusion is totally incorrect.

The incorrect spelling (cusion) has doesn’t have letter h while the correct spelling (cushion) has letter h.

cushion vs cusion

Meaning and explanation of Cushion

1.Cushion is also called pillow


Abag made of cloth, plastic or leather that is filled with soft material, often has an attractive cover and is an is especially on chairs for sitting or learning on

Allan descended back against the cushion.

Similar words pillow, headrest, bolster

cushion on a chair.


Something proving support or protection against an impact

“the pad forms a cushion between carpet and floor”


The layer of air supporting a hovercraft.


Verb: cushion, 3rd person present: cushions; past tense: cushioned; past participle: cushioned; present participle: cushioning

Soften the effect of an impact on.

“the bag cushions equipment from unavoidable knocks”

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