What is the correct spelling of cancelle?

In this page you are going to learn the correct spelling of cancelle and the meaning of the correct spelling.

Many people write the misspelling cancelle, in many different ways.

So let’s start on it.

Cancelle or Cancel? What is the correct spelling?


incorrect spelling

Cancelle is an incorrect spelling while the correct spelling is cancel.

The correct spelling (cancel) has six letters well as the incorrect spelling cancelle has more two letters at the end “le”.

So you should take note of this and avoid this mistake in English language.


This is the correct spelling, cancelle is an incorrect spelling in English

The incorrect spelling of (cancelle) has more two letters at the end (le).

Meaning and explanation of cancel.

To decide not to conduct or perform something planned or expected, usually without expectation of conducting or performing it at a later time.

// cancel an examination.

To destroy the force, validity, or effectiveness:

// cancel check

Examples in sentences

Our tour was canceled due to some issues in school administration.

We shall cancel the plan if things don’t go well.

common Questions

Is it Cancelled or canceled?

Both cancelled and canceled are correct for past tense of cancel, cancelled with (two L) is more common in British English, while canceled (with two L) is more common in American English.

In American English the consonant is doubled only when the stress is on the syllable attached to the suffix.


Rebelling, compelled, excelling, propelled both double in both American and British English.

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