What is the correct spelling of boundries?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of boundries in English

Many people confuse the spelling boundries to be correct, so we are going to find out in this article in detail.

What is correct, boundries or boundaries?


incorrect spelling

Boundries in an incorrect spelling for the word boundaries.

Therefore when writing English sentences avoid using the word boundries because it is totally incorrect.

The incorrect spelling (boundries) doesn’t have letter “a” in between letters “d” and “r” while the correct spelling (boundaries) has.


Boundaries is a correct spelling while boundries is an incorrect spelling.

Therefore when writing English sentences you should use boundaries not boundries.

The correct spelling (boundaries) has letter a in between letters d and r while the incorrect spelling (boundries) doesn’t have.

Meaning of boundaries

Boundaries show where one thing ends and another begins.

Boundaries in relationships helps each person to determine where one stops and the other starts.

In other words boundaries help you to determine what you are comfortable with and how you would like it

Types of boundaries

Physical boundaries

Physical boundaries would be the types of boundaries you set regarding your body, your touch, your space, what you eat and drink, and when you’re active and resting

Time boundaries

Time boundaries are the boundaries you set for yourself regarding how you spend your time, how you prioritize your time, what your time is worth, etc

Sexual boundaries

Sex educators all over the internet have been working hard in recent years to address the importance of sexual boundaries! These include things like consent, establishing communication patterns, setting rules about safety, etc

Emotional boundaries

Emotional boundaries are the types of boundaries you set regarding what you’re comfortable sharing emotionally with others. This is things like deciding when to share and when to take time to yourself, deciding your capacity for listening and supporting others, what you’re comfortable sharing with others, etc.

Material boundaries

These are boundaries regarding your material possessions, your home, etc.

Intellectual boundaries.

Intellectual boundaries are the types of boundaries we set that relate to our thoughts and ideas. Things like how we respond to someone not respecting our ideas, how we communicate with others, when we discuss something vs. when we know it’s not a good time

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