What is the correct spelling for vitual?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of the word vitual.



Vitual is a common misspelling by many people who use English when writing.

Vitual is an incorrect spelling in English language,

Here is the correct word and its meanings


correct spelling

This is the correct spelling while vitual is incorrect.

Virtual is an adjective.

Meaning of virtual.

1 : being on or simulated  on a computer or computer network.

Virtual keyboard

A : relating to, of, or existing within virtual reality.

Virtual tour

B : Existing or occurring mainly online.

Virtual school

Virtual shopping

  1. Relating to or using virtual memory.

Virtual memory enables operating system of a computer to load programs larger than its physical memory

3.: being active or in effect though not formally recognized.

A virtual CEO.

A virtual president.

Phrases containing virtual.

Virtual memory

Virtual image

Virtual reality

Virtual Private network (VPN)

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