What is the correct spelling for thousend?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling for thousend.

Many people use word thousend which is incorrect.


incorrect spelling

Thousend is an incorrect word while thousand is the correct word

Incorrect word (thousend) has letter “e” instead of letter “a”

Many people from different countries pronounce words differently according to their accent, hence end up writing incorrect spellings. They write words as they are pronounced in their accent.


Thousand is a correct spelling while thousend is an incorrect spelling

Meaning of thousand.

The number 1,000

The number equivalent to the product of a hundred and ten; 1000

100 X 10 = 1000

Similar words

K (kilo), thou.

An unspecified large number.

Noun: thousand; plural thousands

Examples in sentences

She has a thousand things to do before she comes.

The construction will cost thousands of dollars.

The population of my primary school is now about ten thousand.

Other words close to thousend.



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