What is the correct spelling for desicion?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of desicion and its meaning.

Many people who are learning English usually write the misspelling desicion.


incorrect spelling

Desicion is an incorrect spelling in English language, the correct spelling is decision.

In the correct spelling (decision) and the incorrect spelling (desicion) letter C and s are interchanged.

You should take note of this common mistake when writing English sentences.


This is the correct spelling while desicion is incorrect

In the incorrect spelling (desicion) the positions of letters s and c are interchanged.

Meaning and explanation of decision.


A choice that you make about something after thing about several options.

A conclusion reached after consideration.

Examples in sentences

Patrick had to make some difficult decision of selling his house.

That decision was made by the supreme court of Nepal.

It was my decision to attend the meeting today.

She is good at decision making.

Similar words to decision

Resolution, conclusion, choice, etc.

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