What is the correct spelling and meaning of repates

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of repates meaning and explanation.

Many people use the spelling repates which confuses readers, so, below this word is corrected and meaning given.


incorrect spelling

Rapates is an incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is rebates.

The correct spelling has letter “b” while the incorrect spelling has letter “p”.

Take note of this common misspelling to avoid further incorrect spelling.


Rebates: correct spelling while repates is incorrect.

 The correct spelling has letter “b” while the incorrect spelling has letter “p”.

Plural form: rebates

Singular form: rebate.

Verb: rebate; 3rd person present: rebates; past tense: rebated; past participle; rebated; present participle: rebating

Meaning of Rebate.

A rebate is a form of buying discount and is a portion paid back to the payer or buyer by way of return, reduction or refund.

It is a form of sales promotion that marketers use mainly as incentives or additions to product sales.

Example of a rebate: An electronics shop giving back 200�����������������ℎ���������������������2000.  

Similar words

Discount, deduction, repayments, decrease, reduction

Other people use the word reapates to mean the following


Verb: repute

3rd person present: reputes


  1. the state of being favorably known, spoken of or esteemed.
  2. the character or status commonly ascribed to one

//That is a school of good repute.

Similar words: reputation, name, report, character.

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