What is correct propably or probably?

Is it probably or propably?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of propably, meaning and explanation.

Many people all over the internet platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and many others use the word propably which usually confuses the readers. Below this misspelling is corrected and meaning of the correct spelling is given.  



Propably is an incorrect spelling, propably is a wrong spelling for the word probably.

The word probably is spelled with “b” instead of a “p” because of its origin. The word probably originated from a Latin word probabli which has a b instead of a p.

Therefore, the correct spelling for propably is probably.


correct spelling

Probably  is a correct spelling. Some people spell and pronounce probably as propably which is incorrect.

This word originated from a Latin word probabli which has a ‘b’ not a “p”. the pronunciation is somehow misleading confusing.

Probably is a correct spelling and propably is an incorrect spelling

Meaning of probably


Almost certainly; as far as one knows or can tell

Without much doubt.

Used to mean that something is very likely.

Examples of probably in sentences

It will probably rain today.

Teacher Sarah is probably not coming to class.

I’ll probably go to school late tomorrow. 

As you know tests are probably starting next month, you should start preparing for them.

She realized that this was probably the last time she would see him.

Synonyms for probably (or similar words)






Other incorrect words used instead of probably

probabli – incorrect spelling

probabbly – incorrect spelling

probally – incorrect spelling

probaly – incorrect spelling

propabli – incorrect spelling

propabbly – incorrect spelling

proppably – incorrect spelling

propablly – incorrect spelling

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