Succesful or successful?  What is the correct spelling in English?

 In this article you are going to what the correct spelling is either successful or succesful and the meaning of the correct spelling.

Many people confuse succesful and successful, in this paper we are going to explain them in detail.


incorrect spelling

Succesful is an incorrect spelling while the correct spelling is successful

The correct spelling has double s while the incorrect spelling (succesful) has single s.


The word succesful is incorrect because it lacks double s at the end of the basis.

The consonant is doubled in the original word success on which a suffix -ful is added to create an adjective successful which is the correct spelling with double s

Take note of this common mistake and avoid further mistakes.

Therefore, succesful is an incorrect spelling well as successful is the correct spelling in English.


Successful is the correct spelling while succesful is an incorrect spelling

The correct form (successful) is an adjective obtained from the noun success.

To create an adjective the suffix -ful is added to a noun success.

When the noun success is added with the suffix –ful we obtain the word successful which is the correct spelling with double s

There fore succesful is an incorrect spelling in English.

Meaning and explanation successful.


1.Achieving the results wanted or hoped for.

A successful operation.

Michael runs a very successful construction company.

She is very successful in the business world but she failed to pass examination several times.



Common misspellings close to succesful





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