Simplify 8/3


To simply 8/3 we are going to use long division method

To simply 8/3 we are going to use long division method

long division 8/3

Explanation of long division of 8/3

 3 goes into 8  how many times?

Let’s use the multiplication table of 3, since 3 is the divisor

Always use the multiplication table of the divisor

1 x 3 = 3

2 x 3 = 6

3 x 3 = 9

We chose a multiplication factor which gives the answer that is slightly less than the number we are dividing For our case it is ;

  2 x 3 = 6

Then 8-6 = 2

So, 8/3 is 2 remainder 2

To write this in mixed fraction form

The factor is written as a whole number ( for our case it is 2)  and the remainder is divided by the divisor( for our case 2 is the reminder and 3 is the divisor forming 2/3)

The whole number and fraction are combined to form a mixed fraction.


The answer to 8/3 is in mixed fraction form is;


In decimal form the whole number (2) is written and 2/3 is converted to decimal form

2/3 in decimal form is 0.666…

Using long division to convert 2/3 in decimal form

long division 2/3

The whole number and decimal number are combined

Whole number is 2

Decimal of remainder is 0.666…

When the two are combined we form 2.666… which is the decimal form

Answer of 8/3 in decimal form is 2.666….

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