Simplify 7/3


The results can be written in the following forms;

Improper fraction form: 7/3

Decimal form: 2.3…

Mixed fraction form:


simplify 7/3 which is an improper fraction into mixed fraction

To convert 7/3 into mixed fraction we use division


Apply long division

long division of 7/3

To form a mixed fraction, quotient is written as a whole number and reminder is divided by the divisor.

The answer in mixed fraction form is;


Simplify 7/3 to decimal form

From above the mixed fraction form of 7/3 is:


It has two parts, (2) which is a whole number and (1/3) which is a proper fraction

First set aside 2, then convert 1/3 into a decimal

To convert 1/3 to decimal, we use long division method

Long division for 1/3

long division 1/3

Therefore 1/3 is 0.3… in decimal form

So we combine 2 which is a whole number and 0.33… which is a decimal to form a decimal for 7/3

2 + 0. 3… = 2.3…

The decimal form of 7/3 is 2.3..

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