Riducled correct spelling and meaning

What is correct, Riducled or ridiculed.



Riducled is an incorrect spelling of the word of an English word ridiculed.

Many people misspell the word ridiculed as riducled. The main reason why some people misspell ridicule as riducled  is in the way they pronounce it. When ridiculed is wrongly pronounced one ends up writing the wrong spelling


correct spelling

This is the correct spelling, riducled is an incorrect spelling.

Ridiculed is obtained from an English word ridicule

Meaning of ridicule.

It is a noun

:  to make fan of someone or something.

Harsh actions or words that make someone look unwise

Similar words to ridicule (noun).

Mockery, derision

Similar words to ridiculed (verb)

Jeer, laugh at, mock, gibe

Examples in sentences

Mark is an object of ridicule. Meaning mark is someone who is ever laughed at and criticized.

Future perfect

will have ridiculed

we will have ridiculed

you will have ridiculed

he/she/it will have ridiculed

they will have ridiculed

past ridiculed

we ridiculed

you ridiculed

he/she/it ridiculed

they ridiculed

past perfect

I had ridiculed

We had ridiculed

You had ridiculed

he/she/it had ridiculed

they had ridiculed


I have ridiculed

We have ridiculed

You have ridiculed

he/she/it has ridiculed

they have ridiculed

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