Occassions or Occasion? What is the correct spelling?

This article is for spellchecking the word occassions.

Many people write incorrect spellings for this word.

So, in this paper you are going to learn the correct spelling of the word occassions.


incorrect spelling

Occasssions is an incorrect spelling of the word occasions

The correct spelling is occasions.

The correct spelling (occasions) has single “s” in the middle while the incorrect spelling has double “s” in the middle.

You should take note of this common mistake and avoid it.


Occasions is the correct spelling while occassions is incorrect.

The correct spelling has single S in the middle while the incorrect spelling (Occassions) has double “s” (ss).

Meaning and explanation of the word Occasions.

Occasions is a plural form of occasion.



  1. a special or important event, time, celebration, ceremony, etc.

Our school day is usually an enjoyable occasion.

Sarah’s birthday was quite an occasion.

  1. A particular time, especially as marked by certain circumstances or occurrences.

Michael met his girlfriend on four occasions before dating her.

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