Is nuclea a correct spelling?

Many people write the word nuclea, its very common.

In this article we are going to learn the correct spelling of  nuclea.



Nuclea is an incorrect spelling in English language.
The correct spelling of the word “nuclea” is nuclear.
In the incorrect spelling letter “r” is missing


correct spelling

Nuclear is the correct spelling in English language, nuclea is incorrect

Meaning of Nuclear

  1. Meaning 1

Relating to, or constitutes a nucleus of an atom.

  • Of or relating to atomic nucleus

Nuclear chemistry

Nuclear reaction

Nuclear physics

  • Produced by nuclear reaction. For example nuclear fusion and nuclear fission

Nuclear energy

Nuclear fuel

  • Of, relating to by power by nuclear energy.

Nuclear plant

Nuclear submarine

  • Being a weapon, whose power of destruction obtained from nuclear reaction

Nuclear bomb

Nuclear war

Nuclear weapons

  1. Meaning 2

Relating to a nucleus of a cell.

The cell nucleus is found in the middle of a cell, it contains DNA arranged in chromosomes.

It is surrounded by the nuclear envelope, a double nuclear membrane, which separates the nucleus from cytoplasm.

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