Is honered a correct spelling?

In post you are going to learn the correct spelling of honered.

Many people use the word honered when writing sentences, which is incorrect.

Many people misspell this word even President Donald Trump misspelled it in one of his tweets and later corrected it. click here to see the tweet


incorrect spelling

Honered is an incorrect spelling in englis language, the correct spelling is honoured

The correct spelling has letters “0”and “u” in between letters “n” and “r” and the incorrect spelling honered  has letter “e”  instead.


This is the correct spelling well as honered is incorrect.

The correct spelling has letter “o” while the incorrect one has letter “e”.

Meaning of Honored


Past tense: honored; past participle honored


Held in honor; highly respect:

Regard with respect.

Our honored guests.

An honored member of the community.


Fulfil (an obligation) or keep (an agreement)

“We have to make sure their companies honor the terms of the contract”

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