How to spell fraily correctly?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of fraily, meaning and explanation of the correct spelling.

Many people when writing English articles, use the word fraily which confuses the readers. In this article the spelling of this word is corrected and meaning of the correct spelling given.


incorrect spelling

Fraily is an incorrect spelling in English language, the correct spelling is frailly.

The incorrect spelling has single letter “l” while the correct spelling has double “l”.

So, take note of this common misspelling made by many writers.


Frailly is a correct spelling in English while fraily is incorrect.

The incorrect spelling (fraily) has single letter “l” while the correct spelling (frailly) has double “l”.

The word frailly is obtained from the word frail

Why the word frail has double “l”

We double the final consonant when adding a “y” to a single syllable words that end in a vowel and consonant. (for example, sun turns to sunny, star becomes starry)

Meaning of Frailly

The word frailly is obtained from frail.

Adjective: frail

  1. having delicate health, not robust; weak.

Physically weak

//A frail old woman

//My grand father is very frail now days.

  1. easily broken or destroyed or fragile

Adverb: frailly

Noun: frailness

Synonyms of frail

Weak, fragile, delicate, feeble.



Plural: frailties.

1: the state or quality of being frail

// the frailty is very high in the elderly.

// frailty of her health.

The condition of being weak and delicate.

There is an increase in frailty of the elderly.

2: a fault due to weakness especially of moral character.

We can no longer be surprised by the frailty of our political leaders.

The frailty of her voice.

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