How do you spell weither correctly?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of weither, explanation and meaning.

Many people write the spelling weither which confuses readers, so here we are going to explain it and stop that confusion.


incorrect spelling

Weither is an incorrect spelling in English, where the correct spelling is weather or whether.

Some people use the incorrect spelling weither meaning weather while others use it meaning whether

Below are the meanings of weather and whether, read through to pick the correct word you are meaning


Endemic is the correct spelling while indemic is incorrect.

The incorrect word starts with letter ‘I’  and the correct word starts with letter ‘e’.

Meaning of weather


  1. The state of the atmosphere with respect to hotness or coldness, wetness or dryness, clearness or cloudiness, storm or calm

// If the weather is good, we shall come and visit you.

Similar words: temperature, climate, cloud cover forecast, atmospheric pressure.

what is correct weither or weather
weither or weather? What is the correct spelling?

Whether meaning


Expressing a doubt between alternatives.

“He failed to decide whether to stay or leave.”

Used in expressing an investigation or inquiry (usually used in indirect questions)

I’ll confirm whether he went to school.

Used when indicating that that statement applies whichever of the alternatives stated is the case.

“I will buy that car whether am rich or poor.”

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