How do you spell mochery correctly in English?

In this paper you are going to learn the correct spelling of mochery, meaning and explanation of the correct spelling.

Many people get confused and use the word mochery which confuses readers, so in this article it is corrected.

What is the correct spelling of mochery?


incorrect spelling

Mochery is an incorrect spelling in English where the correct spelling is mortuary.

Mochery and mortuary, these two words are very different in spelling but the pronunciation is somehow similar or close.

So, avoid using the word mochery because it is incorrect spelling in English


Mortuary is a correct spelling in English while mochery is incorrect

Many people all over social media and other internet platforms use the word mochery which is incorrect, the correct word is mortuary.

So, from today avoid using the spelling mochery.

Meaning and explanation of mortuary


Plural (mortuaries)

  1. A place where dead bodies are kept before burial or cremation.

Especially a funeral home.

  1. a customary gift formerly claimed by and due to incumbent of a parish in England from the state of deceased parishioner.


  1. Of, or relating to death, funeral or burial.
  2. Relating or connected with death.
Is it mochery or mortuary? What is the correct spelling?

Other people use the word mochery when meaning mockery



Teasing and insulting language or behavior directed at a particular person or thing

// His kind of personality invites mockery.

The children’s cruel mockery of each other.

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