How do you spell deemend correctly?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of deemend, meaning and explanation.

Many people when writing English sentences write the misspelling deemend which confuses readers, so it is corrected below


incorrect spelling

deemend is an incorrect spelling in English language, the correct word is deemed or demand.

Avoid using the word deemend in English because it is incorrect.

When people use deemend, they normally mean the following:


Most people use the word deemend to mean deemed.

Verb: deem

Past tense: deemed

  1. to consider or judge something in a particular way:

// Daniel deemed it wise to drive fast.

// He is currently deemed to be the best American footballer.

// The Terminator movie is deemed suitable for all ages.

// It is deemed bad manners in my cultures to speak with food in mouth.

//The head teacher will take whatever action he deems proper.

More about deem in law

Originally, deem meant “to legally condemn.” The word is still frequently used in contexts pertaining to the law but with the general meaning “to judge” or “to decide after inquiry and deliberation,” as in “The act was deemed unlawful” or “The defendant is deemed to have agreed to the contract.” Outside of the law, deem usually means simply “to consider.”

Synonyms for deemed

Consider, allow, believe, judge, conceive, consider, esteem, feel, figure, think, guess, hold, imagine, suppose.

People also use the incorrect spelling deemend  to mean demand.


Some people use the word deemend to mean demand

In economics, demand is the quantity of a good that consumers are willing and able to purchase at various prices during a given time   The relationship between price and quantity demand is also called the demand curve. Demand for a specific item is a function of an item’s perceived necessity, price, perceived quality, convenience, available alternatives, purchasers’ disposable income and tastes, and many other options.

Incorrect spelling close to deemend



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