How do you spell cwite correctly in English?

In this article you are going to learn the correct spelling of cwite, meaning and explanation.

Many people get confused and use the word cwite in English sentences, so you are not the first one to write this word this way.

In this page it is corrected and explained down here.


incorrect spelling

Cwite is an incorrect spelling of the word quite.

The correct word is quite while cwite is incorrect in English.

The meaning of the word quite is explained below in detail.

When writing English sentences avoid using the spelling ‘cwite’ because it is totally wrong.


Quite is a correct spelling while cwite is incorrect

Many people when they are rushing instead of writing quite, they end up writing cwite which is a misspelling.

Meaning of Quite

pronunciation: \kwit\

1 : wholly, completely

    // not quite finished

The two situations are quite different.

I enjoyed their movie though its not quite good as their first one.

Are you quite sure he left school.

Not quite

Used to express that you are not certain about something.

I don’t quite know what to say.

I didn’t quite understand what he explained

2 : to an extreme : positively

// quite sure

 Often used as an intensifier with a

// quite a beauty

Quite a strong man’

3 : to a considerable extent:

// quite near

Quite a bit

A considerable amount

Quite a few

: many

Similar words or synonyms of quite

All, all over, entirely, enough, fairly, moderately, relatively, rather

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