Fourteen vs forteen? what is correct?

Many people today misspell this word. they do write forteen which is incorrect in english language .

In this paper you are going to learn how to spell its correctly


correct spelling

Fourteen is a correct spelling for number 14, this is because the word is made up of spelling for numeral 4 (four) and suffix teen forming fourteen. “u” has to be included in the 14 spelling

Meaning of fourteen


a number equivalent to the product of two and seven; one less than fifteen; 14

Numerical form: 14

In figures: 14

in roman numerals: XIV



Forteen is an incorrect spelling for number 14, the correct word is a combination of spellings for numeral 4 (four) and suffix –teen forming fourteen. Teen is a suffix that creates names for counting numbers from 13 to 19. Therefore, forteen is a wrong spelling to mean number 14, the correct spelling is fourteen.

Some people write fortenn instead of fourteen to mean number 14, in the word fortenn letter ‘u’ is missing and instead of double ‘ee’ double ‘nn’ is written. As discussed, fourteen is a combination of numeral four and suffix -teen forming fourteen. Therefore, fortenn is incorrect

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