Figgets or fidgets, what is correct

On this page we are going to learn what is correct of figgets and fidgets and meaning of the correct spelling.

Many people confuse these words and often write the word figgets and other words related to this word which are incorrect.

Figgets or fidgets? What is the correct spelling?


incorrect spelling

Figgets is an incorrect spelling while the correct spelling is fidgets.

The incorrect spelling (figgets) has double “g” while the correct spelling (fidgets) has letters “d” and “g” in between letters “i” and “e”.

You should take note of this misspelling in English and avoid it and avoid it.


Fidgets is the correct spelling in English while figgets is incorrect.

The correct spelling (fidgets) has letters “d” and “g” in between letters “i” and “e” well as he incorrect spelling (figgets) has double “g” instead.

Meaning of fidgets.

Singular form: fidget, plural form: fidgets

  1. a toy or other small object that is used to give people something to do with their hands when they are bored or nervous.

Fidget toys can help kids and adults calm down when feeling overwhelmed by providing different sensory input.

There are many reasons why kids fidget a lot. Sometimes its out of boredom, anxiety, stress, hyperactivity and attention problems.

“Fidgets come in all different sizes and shapes.”

“Allan bring those fidgets.”

Picture of fidgets



to make continuous, small movements, especially if they do not have a particular purpose and make them without meaning to, for example because you are nervous or bored

“kids can’t sit for long without fidgeting.”

  1. a person who finds difficulty in staying still, and often makes continuous movements especially without meaning to

Daniel is a terrible fidget.

Other misspellings close to figgets




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