Evaluate 3/7


The answer to 3/7 can be shown in many forms

Proper fraction form: 3/7

Decimal form: 0.428571……

0.428571…. is a recurring decimal, the period is 428571 and periodicity is 6.

To evaluate 3/7 to decimal form we have to use long division.

Long division of 3/7

3 is the dividend and 7 is the divisor

Let’s convert 3/7 into a regular division problem.


Procedure for long division

We say how many times does 7 go into 3, it won’t divide any times, 7 is bigger than 3

When the divisor is bigger than the dividend, we bring in a decimal point

In mathematics 3 can be written as 3.0 , 3.00, 3.000, 3.0000  …….. and its value is still 3

We apply this in long division

7⟌3.0, we put 0.   In the section for the results and ignore the point in the dividend, so it will be like 7⟌30 which is easy to divide (7 divided by 30).

So now we start long division

7 goes into 30: 4times

3/7 long division and explanation

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