Evaluate (-3)^-2

In mathematics and computer “^” means power


The answer is 1/9 or 0.111….

Below is how (-3)^-2 is calculated step by step

In this case we use the negative exponential rule


 the negative exponents rule tells us that to get rid of a negative exponent, the numerator is converted to a denominator and vice versa.

(-3)^-2 is the same as (-3)-2

From the negative exponents rule above

 . b = -3

.   n = 2

When n (2) is taken to the denominator side it loses the negative sign as shown below

First calculate

(-3)-2 = (-3) x (-3)  = 9

negative x negative is a positive

Therefore the answer to (-3)^-2 is 1/9

Proper fraction form:


Decimal fraction form: 0.111…

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