Carreer or career?

What is the correct spelling Carreer or career?



Carreer is an incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is career meaning “an occupation undertaken for significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress”.

The word career is often mis spelled as carreer. The word carreer is not correct, the correct word has two letters of “r” one after letter “a” and the other at the end of the word and double e in the middle of the two “r” letters

The correct word is career

Therefore, carreer is an incorrect spelling of the word career. The double r in the incorrect word should be removed leaving a single r, it is only e which is double.


correct spelling

Career is the correct spelling. It has double ee and two single r one in the middle of the word and the other at the extreme end of the word.

Carreer is an incorrect spelling of the word career.

Career meaning and definition

Career means an occupation, profession or trade.

A career can refer to what you do for a living, it ranges from those that requires a lot of training and education to those to those you can perform with only a high school diploma.

Examples of careers include teacher, doctor, engineer, nurse, software developer and many others

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